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Attorney David W. Fischer and Attorney David P. Putzi are proud that their peers have again selected them as “Leading Lawyers” in the practice of criminal defense.

Client Testimonials


Mr. Putzi is a very professional lawyer.  He is also extremely well educated and experienced in his field of criminal defense.  I have achieved optimal outcomes in my cases where Mr. Putzi represented me.  What sets Mr. Putzi apart is his genuine interest in his clients as well as their families.  He shows nothing but the utmost care for his client's well-being.  I am extremely happy with the services he has provided including his willingness to take phone calls and answer all questions. I have the utmost regard for Mr. Putzi and recommend his professional services and advise to others.

J. A-J. (Posession with Intent to Distribute CDS, CDS, CDS)

Mr. Putzi, Thank you so much for your hard work, compassion, and encouragement during my case.  It has been a month and  a half since my court date and I am happy to say i've remained sober.  Without your expertise and belief in me, I might not be where I am today.  I feel amazing thanks to sobriety and look forward to m new sober life, one day at a time.


Thanks Dave, you have been there for me a couple of times these past few years. Protecting me from bogus domestic violence charges from my crazy wife. I wouldn't hesitate hiring your services again. And I will pass your name on because of your professionalism in handling my cases!

C. D(Domestic Violence – second degree assault & protective orders)

Mr. Putzi I am eternally grateful for the supreme service provided by your office. I was facing child assault charges for defending my daughter against bullies at her school. I made a very foolish mistake of trusting a longtime attorney whom handled my custody battles. I was not only facing criminal charges and to make matters worse my civil attorney told the judge that I wanted a jury trial. I quickly fired her and immediately phoned Mr. Putzi. I will never forget how fast he proceeded to help me. He immediately got me a court date to stop the jury trial so that my case would be sent back to district court. I won my case after a in the district court in front of a judge. I was found not guilty and that was huge. Mr. Putzi is brilliant in the courtroom, he handled my case with such assuredness and ease. I am very pleased at my outcome as a mother of three children. I am not sure that Mr. Putzi realizes how eternally grateful I am to him. My life is back to normal as I know it, my daughter who was bullied is in college now. I would be remiss if I did not say how honest and fair I believe him to be. I would not hesitate in referring this office to anyone. I was truly in the best hands when I chose this office. Thank you so much.

S. B.  (Disturbing school activities)

David Putzi met with me to find out information regarding the event, collecting and organizing the information from the state and myself, deciding how to approach the case and forming a strategy that was explained to me. I was in the process of applying to school when I received my DUI. The result achieved enabled me to continue to pursue the program and successfully get into the program.I would refer the services of this law office. They were very organized and I found it easy to talk to both lawyers there. I truly believed they cared about my case and worked to achieve the best possible result for my case.

V.P. (DUI // DWI)

You advised me that based on the circumstances of my case, you were optimistic that you would achieve a positive outcome. And you did: you negotiated with the State’s Attorney and I was acquitted of the charge.

The result made a world of difference in my life. My job and main source of income depends on my being able to maintain a TOP SECRET security clearance and other security related accesses/permissions. If I had been found guilty or, really, anything other than the result you achieved for me (acquittal), I’m fairly certain I would have lost my security clearance and, therefore, my job. That would obviously have changed my life in a very negative way.

I recommend your law practice wholeheartedly. I’m not overstating it when I say that your efforts on my behalf “saved my life.” Any other outcome – other than what you achieved for me – would have drastically altered my lifestyle, as I would have lost my job and a lot more

S. M.  (Domestic Violence – second degree assault)

Thank you for this opportunity to provide a review of my multiple experiences with this firm, and, in particular, Mr. Putzi.

I first used Mr.Putzi’s services in December 2008 and I have used him many times since. Mr. Putzi’s extensive knowledge and experience providing legal counsel helped me to work through the legal process for charges that included several felony charges, expungement of records, and significant speeding violations.

I found Mr. Putzi and his staff to be patient, thorough, and caring. They answered all my questions and dealt effectively with my fears and embarrassment. Mr. Putzi and his staff asked me to gather data, letters, etc. that would help my cases that, at first, I thought was possibly overkill but after going to court the first time I was really able to understand the need for the documentation and pre-trial classes.

The outcome reached through negotiations were very favorable due to Mr. Putzi’s knowledge of the laws and procedures, the respect he garners from his colleagues and the courts, and his way of saying what needs to be really heard by all parties was paramount in accomplishing the best outcomes possible. He also negotiated with the judge to allow me to go to long-term drug rehabilitation outside of Maryland – a real lifesaver!

The work provided by him and his staff helped me to get my life off a really destructive path, to recognize that I was a good person, and that I could, would and did make significant positive changes in my life. Thank you for all your support. I told my mom once that you never made me feel that you were there to “judge me” but that you were there to support me – you seemed to always know I could make changes…Thanks for that encouragement!

I would absolutely recommend that others utilize your services and I would again in a heartbeat. Hopefully though that will not be necessary as I am now on the right track and doing very well.

Thank you again for all that you have done, the advice and counsel, and the representation.   You are a very special lawyer and man!

M. M.  (Burglary, Theft, CDS, traffic, etc.)

I was facing a number of charges: Driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, Failure of vehicle driver to stop afte3r unattended property damage, failure of vehicle drive in accident to locate and notify owner of unattended property damage, and failure to control speed on highway to avoid collision.  To prepare for my court date I met with Mr. Putzi and we talked over what had happened and weighed the options. In preparation for court I obtained letters of character reference on my behalf, I attended alcohol and drug classes. Mr. Putzi reviewed my case and received a copy of the police report and advised me on the best approach.   I met with Mr. Putzi the morning of the court date, he talked to the prosecutor and the prosecutor wanted me to admit guilt to a DUI. Mr. Putzi advised me not to accept the plea offeras there really wasn’t enough evidence against me to prove the charges. Ultimately, we plead guilty to a minor ticket(negligent driving) and all other charges were dropped. I was more the happy with this outcome! I would refer Mr. Putzi’s services and would definitely use his services again, although I hope I never need to.

K. B.  (DUI / DWI)

In Dec 2010, my son was charged with underage drinking, speeding, and failure to control speed & vehicle to avoid an accident. During our first meeting, Mr. Putzi provided my son with detailed documentation, to include a list of local resources for counseling/treatment, which explained what your office would do for him and what he needed to do in order to lesson the charges he faced.

Approximately one week prior to my son's trial date, we were informed by Mr. Putzi that the court date and all charges except one minor ticket - failure to control speed to avoid an accident – would be dropped.

Prior to my son's charge, we had never before had to navigate through the legal system. If we had opted to forego legal assistance, I think the results would have been less favorable. The assistance Mr. Putzi provided from the bail review hearing to final charges lifted a burden from our shoulders and ultimately resulted in a final charge that did not have a negative effect/impact to my son's future.

I would most definitely refer people to your office. Even though my son was the guilty party, Mr. Putzi and the rest of the staff treated him professionally and with respect.

C.A.  (Mother of DUI / DWI client)

I met with Mr. Putzi on two different occasions for DUI charges that I received; on both occasions, he met with me for an initial consultation. He allotted time for me to explain the circumstances that led to me getting pulled over and how these charges could effect my family and my career; and on the second occasion, my freedom because I was still on probation for the first DUI I received. He recorded information about my history--including my mistakes, but also my accomplishments. He documented endeavors that I pursued in efforts of achieving a better standard of life. He was very straight forward in providing an explanation of the charges, the penalties for those charges, the details about the services he could provide in this situation, things that could impact the outcome of my case, and the approximate costs of his services. After meeting with him and discussing the case(s) up to the trial date(s), I was confident in his abilities to represent me. Mr. Putzi is very personable and discussed these matters without judgment. He has outstanding communication and speaking skills, he's knowledgeable, as well as efficient in gathering information and putting a case together that produced very favorable outcomes in both occurrences. Unlike other attorneys, whose agenda is to gain additional clients and to build a larger income base, he cares about people and wants to do the best job possible in assisting his clients in legal matters. I would definitely recommend his services to family and friends.

J.J.  (DUI / DWI; serious traffic; VOP; etc.)

From the beginning, Mr. Putzi had an immediate grasp of the material issues and provided a good explanation and comfort to me through this difficult matter. In court, Mr. Putzi had a command of the courtroom and legal issues, and developed a repore with the presiding judge. After a trial, with police officer testifying, I was acquitted of all DUI & DWI charges.  The result provided a great sense of relief due to concerns over a conviction's impact on my occupational license and current employment. I am very thankful for Mr. Putzi's representation.  I would definitely refer your services to others or use you again.

F.K.  (DUI / DWI)

I contacted the law offices of Fischer and Putzi to defend my friend from false charges being placed on him by an ex-girlfriend. I could not have asked for a better experience. It was my first time in any situation dealing with courts and lawyers. My friend was faced with multiple assault chargesover several different days. I met with Mr. Putzi and explained my situation. He didn’t hesitate to assist. All the charges have been dropped against my friend. Mr. Putzi was congenial, professional and consistently available through the process of all the cases. If any of my relatives, friends or acquaintances ever are in need of assistance you will be highly recommended by me.

D.P.  (Domestic Violence – second degree assault; VOP; etc.)

In September of 2011, I was arrested and charged with a DUI, DWI, DUI per se, and drinking under the legal age of 21, along with a few other petty charges the police officer decided to tack on. I was absolutely terrified of the possible consequences I was facing, so I thought it would be in my best interest to hire a lawyer. I hired Mr. David Putzi as my attorney for my court case on Monday February 29, 2012, because I was referred to him by a reliable source and I was most confident in his work. After meeting with him, he advised me to stay completely clean of all alcohol and any other illegal activity that could get me in a deeper hole. Mr. Putzi also recommended that I attend an alcohol education program. At my MVA hearing, Mr. Putzi plead my case very well and my only punishment at that time was an outright license suspension for 45 days, when I was facing a suspension of 7 ½ months. I was very pleased with that outcome, considering it could have been a lot worse.

On my trial date, after negotiating Mr. Putzi notified me that my DUI, DWI charges were being dropped, and I only had to plea guilty to the minor ticket of ‘negligent driving’ and pay a fine of 67.00 dollars, plus court costs. I was ecstatic after hearing this! I was afraid that I would be stuck with Interlock on my car, being forced to pay hundreds of dollars, not to mention the embarrassment it would cause to me. I also was afraid of having my license suspended again for a longer period of time, which would be extremely difficult on me considering I have to travel to school and work multiple times a day. I know that I made a huge mistake by getting behind the wheel after drinking, but I certainly did not want that on my record for the rest of my life. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. Although I got off easy this time, I have definitely learned my lesson and certainly do not wish to repeat this ever again! In the future, I would definitely use Mr. Putzi’s services again, but hopefully I won’t have to! I have already recommended him to a few of my friends who are in need of legal counsel, and I will continue to recommend him in the future.

K.W.  (DUI / DWI / Underage License Restriction)

My husband and I would like to thank you with all of our heart for helping us and defending us with our criminal charges.

From December of 2010 when we were notified by the State's Attorney's Office that we were the target of an investigation, up until the conclusion of the trial on March 2, 2012, you were always there for us.  We knew we could call you at the office or home and you would always take the time to talk to us about our concerns and answer all of our questions.

We would also like to extend a sincere thank you to Angie, Mr. Putzi's assistant, who ensured that Mr. Putzi received all of our telephone calls, coordinated our office meetings with Mr. Putzi, even on short notice, and assisted Mr. Putzi in keeping us informed every step of the way.

I don't think any other lawyer would of put as much time, effort and heart into defending a client you did.  I know you believed in our innocence and you are a man with a good heart.  You run your law firm with honesty, heart and sincerity, not just for the money.

I don't think any other lawyer would have defended us better or as well as you did.  You always told us everything right up front, good or bad.

I have never been in this type of situation before let alone falsely accused, but you can be assured if I ever need a lawyer in the future, you are the lawyer I will call.  If anyone I know needs a lawyer, you would be the one I would strongly recommend with the highest regards. 

K.J., Glen Burnie, MD


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